Liang Chi

Counterflow Induced Draft Cooling Tower

LFC-N Patented Fanless

LFC Series is a natural draft counter flow, PVC film filled, FRP cooling tower. The model takes advantage of the water pressure of circulation pump forming a water screen through special ejection pipe nozzles. The pressure difference inside and outside the tower generated by the flowing speed of water screen results in an inhale of ambient air into the cooling tower. There are no mechanical parts needed – no fan, no motor, and no transmission parts.

This breakthrough, creative and revolutionary design can, once and for all, eliminate the problems of mechanical noise, vibration, and maintenance of a typical cooling tower with fan and motor. To further reduce the water noise, a nylon splash mat is added for reducing the water dropping noise. Drift eliminators with five-pass design are installed to minimize the drift loss and save water resource effectively.


  • Patented technology
  • Extremely low noise & no mechanical noise
  • No vibration & moving parts
  • Water saving and extremely low drift loss
  • Long service life & durable
  • 99% maintenance free
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Modular structure allows for flexible arrangements 

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