Liang Chi

Crossflow Induced Draft Cooling Tower​

C-LC Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

C-LC Series is a closed looped or closed circuit cooling tower, induced draft cross flow, film filled, FRP multi-cell cooling tower. Liang Chi closed circuit cooling tower is suitable for HVAC applications and manufacturing processes which require high quality unpolluted clean water. The heat exchange coil packs are made of seamless deoxidized copper tubes with high heat transfer efficiency and anticorrosion. The copper construction offers a non-corrosive coil for extended service life. Instead of a single heat exchange coil pack in each side of the cooling tower, it is divided into four to five sets of heat exchange packs for lighter weight and convenience of repair and maintenance. The multiple coil packs allow it to be easily dismantled and offer flexible operation that in case one or some of them needs to be repaired while the rest of the coil packs can still work normally.


The thermal performance of LRS has been certified by Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) in accordance with CTI Standard STD-201.



  • CTI Certified
  • Efficient heat exchange and performance
  • Low noise operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Compact footprint
  • Modular design for multicell installation
  • Customizable to your needs
Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

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