Liang Chi Cooling Tower (M) Sdn Bhd is a leading cooling tower manufacturer since 1994 and is a joint venture business with Liang Chi Industry Co. LTD. (Taiwan). The company has been successful in Taiwan for over 40 years and in Malaysia for over 15 years. With over 15 years technological experiences in the cooling tower industry, our cooling tower products are widely used in the industries and received high reputation in Malaysia.


Liang Chi offers various types of cooling tower ranging from bottle type and square type counter flow cooling tower, square type cross flow cooling tower; CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) certified R-LC series cross flow cooling tower; to a newly innovated and patented Fanless cooling tower that incorporates no mechanical moving parts.




Our cooling towers are designed with high performance and an eco-friendly operation in mind. Liang Chi has achieved great success in noise reduction, energy-saving, environmental friendly, quality improved and cost reduction of cooling towers. It has successfully developed the first internationally-patented fanless and ultralow-noise cooling tower; Liang Chi is the only multinational corporation who has set perfect appraisal system of technological ability of cooling towers.


Owing to excellent quality and advanced management, Liang Chi has not only been awarded the ISO9001 certificate, but also acquired the performance certificate of C.T.I. (U.S.A Cooling Technology Institute,). Meanwhile, series products of Liang Chi like LRC square crossflow cooling tower have been praised as "reliable products" by China Cooling Institute. Various honours are enough to prove that Liang Chi's cooling towers have advanced technology and excellent quality.




At Liang Chi cooling tower, we are devoted to product qualities, services and innovations, as well as being proactive in protecting and preserving our natural environment. Therefore, our Research & Developments are particular in our cooling tower design features to meet the eco-friendly standards, while achieving optimal evaporative thermal transfer.



Company Milestones


1962 Founded by Mr. K.P. Chang.
1966 Cooling Tower Factory was set-up.
1970 Initiated the penetrations of Southeast Asia Market.
1978 Liang Chi Thailand Co. Ltd. was founded.
1979 Liang Chi Industry Phils. Inc. was founded.
1988 Liang Chi Industry HK.
1989 Amcot / Liang Chi USA.
1991 Liang Chi Investment Pte. Ltd. in Singapore,
P.T. Liang Chi Indonesia.
1992 Xiamen Liang Chi.
1993 Liang Chi Cooling Equipment Co. Ltd Shanghai.

Guang Shan Liang Chi Cooling Equipment Co. Ltd. was founded.

Beijing Liang Chi Ind. Co. Ltd.

Liang Chi Industry Vietnam was founded.
Liang Chi Industry Malaysia was founded.

1998 Liang Chi was awarded with ISO 9001 Certificate, awarded w/ the CTI Certificate.
2000 Liang Chi Cooling Equipment Co. Ltd. Tianjin was founded.
2001 Liang Chi Cooling Equipment Co. Ltd. Chengdu was founded.